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Aisberg refrigeration equipment is manufactured exclusively from the high quality materials and components of the well-known European brands.
Aisberg Ltd applies a number of energy saving technologies and innovations while manufacturing refrigeration cabinets and fitting up supermarkets. Among these innovations are special refrigeration and defrost systems, condensation heat recovery etc.
Aisberg company specialists have worked out a lot of solutions of efficient floor space use and efficient sales in deli and convenience foods departments.
Innovative refrigeration and defrost systems have been developed, tested and successfully applied to improve preservation quality of meat and convenience foods in supermarkets.
customized with maximum regard for the requirements of each client to design and quality of cooling.
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LED lights of cabinets

The use of LEDs: more opportunities for the effective demonstration of goods

The lighting of goods is one of the most important factors influencing the sales process. One way of attracting customers to a specific group of products in store can be the LED lighting of cabinets.
LED lighting compares favorably with other types of lighting with its brightness, small size of light sources, energy efficiency and environmental cleanliness. In addition, it is an ideal way to attract attention of the buyer to the cabinet and to the exposed products in it. Diode light bulbs, even less bright than other types of lamps, are visible at great distances, which is important in supermarkets with large retail area.
The low temperature of heating and no UV radiation allows to use the LED lamp for lighting products, the storage temperature of which is of great value such as meat, fish, cheese, gastronomy.
The work of LEDs is based on low voltage, which implies low power consumption compared to conventional light sources. All energy is directed at light reproduction, while power consumption is reduced to 75%.
Aesthetic pleasure is a serious benefit of LED lighting as it looks beautiful and impressive.
LED lighting can be optionally installed in all refrigeration display cases «Aisberg«Ltd.

LED lights of cabinets LED lights of cabinets LED lights of cabinets LED lights of cabinets