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Aisberg Ltd applies a number of energy saving technologies and innovations while manufacturing refrigeration cabinets and fitting up supermarkets. Among these innovations are special refrigeration and defrost systems, condensation heat recovery etc.
Innovative refrigeration and defrost systems have been developed, tested and successfully applied to improve preservation quality of meat and convenience foods in supermarkets.
customized with maximum regard for the requirements of each client to design and quality of cooling.
Aisberg refrigeration equipment is manufactured exclusively from the high quality materials and components of the well-known European brands.
Aisberg company specialists have worked out a lot of solutions of efficient floor space use and efficient sales in deli and convenience foods departments.
New Silpo in Port style
Turnkey refrigeration and cooling system by Aisberg Ltd
Spar deli market in Diagonal design
Ergonomics and cooling quality
Refrigeration turnkey
New Silpo supermarket in Poltava
Customized solutions: cabinet for French sweets
Customized Refrigeration & Design
Rock-Silpo in Ternopil
Energy-efficient refrigeration cabinets
Cabinets in Diagonal design at RetailShow in Warsaw
Accentuation on ergonomics and design
«Silpo» in the German style
Comfort and practicality
Spar hypermarket in Diagonal design
Ergonomics and special design
For each product group - the most effective solutions
A new supermarket with a high service level was open in Georgia
We work honestly and transparently
Aisberg Ltd. became a member of UNIC
New effective cabinets for Billa
Aisberg Ltd. increase the layout visibility
The medieval castle Silpo
Complex refrigeration equipment supply
Aisberg at EuroShop 2017
Ergonomics and unique design
New supermarket «Kopeyka» in Odessa
Energy-saving cabinets Cube
Diagonal cabinets in Armenian supermarkets
4 shops in Erevan are equipped with gastronomical refrigerated cabinets in Diagonal design
«Grosh Express» in Bar
Сomplex supply of the store with refrigeration equipment
Company «Aisberg»Ltd enters Iranian market
«Aisberg»Ltd presented its refrigeration equipment at iFood exhibition in Iran
«Silpo» in Jamaica style
The all-inclusive providing of supermarket with refrigeration equipment
The new «Tavria V» supermarket
Complex of energy-saving decisions in refrigerated cabinets
Effective cooled fresh-zone in new «Kopeyka»
The definite scale of refrigerated cabinets by Aisberg Ltd
«Fayno Market» of new format: 4 more stores
Aisberg Ltd. refrigeration equipment
Medusa Horizont: new cabinets with 710mm width
The new line of compact refrigeration cabinets
«MegaMarket» equipped in Diagonal design
Hypermaket equipped «turnkey» by «Аisberg»
Special cabinet for Varus
Combined temperature mode
Cafeteria in the «Velmart» supermarket
The line of prepared food dispensation produced by «Aisberg» company
Ultrathin doors Valentini in a new «Fayno Market»
Energy-saving and comfort for customer
The success of new «Silpo» in Kiev
Complex supply of cold from «Aisberg» Ltd.
New supermarket in Georgia
The complex supply of equipment
New «Two Steps» in old part of Odessa
Premium shop of retail chain
Varus in a new design now in Dneprodzerzhinsk
The modernest models of cabinets «Aisberg»
The unique project of «Meat House»
Special decisions for selling a meat
Compact cold for the food boutique
The line of refrigerated cabinets Slim
«COOP» supermarket chain in Hungary
First delivery of refrigerated cabinets of «Aisberg» Ltd.
Cafe in business center
Refrigerated display cases Cube in the cafeteria
Energy efficiency without barriers for trade
Single-glass doors Valentini (Italy)
Display cabinets Diagonal in deli stores
New design of display cabinets for deli stores
Promotional sale of meat
Medusa Cube Slim refrigerated display case for sale of fresh meat
Aisberg Ltd new technical catalog
New design ranges, about 300 modifications of equipment, energy-saving solutions
New «Grosh Express» in Vinnitsa
Special Cube cabinets
21st supermarket «Silpo» is opened in Odessa
Complex supply of refrigeration equipment from Aisberg
Display cabinets «Bochka» in the Sultan Center
Display cabinets «Bochka» in the Sultan Center
Complex supply of the supermarket «Nash Kray»
New store in Zaporozhye region
New MangoFlowers display
Effective sale of flowers
«Silpo» supermarket is equipped by Aisberg Ltd.
Complex supply, new individual developments
New deli store in Odessa
Special Cube cabinets for every group of products
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