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Innovative refrigeration and defrost systems have been developed, tested and successfully applied to improve preservation quality of meat and convenience foods in supermarkets.
Aisberg refrigeration equipment is manufactured exclusively from the high quality materials and components of the well-known European brands.
Aisberg company specialists have worked out a lot of solutions of efficient floor space use and efficient sales in deli and convenience foods departments.
Aisberg Ltd applies a number of energy saving technologies and innovations while manufacturing refrigeration cabinets and fitting up supermarkets. Among these innovations are special refrigeration and defrost systems, condensation heat recovery etc.
customized with maximum regard for the requirements of each client to design and quality of cooling.
Production - Individual solutions in the construction of cabinets - Effective alternative of plug-in

The problem of cooling equipment for small stores is serious enough. Since usually small stores are located in residential houses, it has energy-saving problems, constant lack of electrical capacity, noise and vibration. Besides there are often problems with machinery area and façade place for installing air-condensing unit.

Traditionally small stores are equipped with plug-in display cabinets. In summertime such cooling supply requires necessary considerable electric capacity for air-conditioning. It needs not only energy costs and requires increased electric capacity. It is a problem in residential houses.
Decentralized cooling system is less effective because it can’t consolidate its power in the display cabinet that needs additional cooling resources.
Otherwise, it is less reliable because separate plug-ins are not equipped with many protections as central multi-compressor cooling system.
Plug-ins occupy large space, which can used as a trading area and produce noise in the trade hall.

Cooling system capacity is calculated according to the hottest ambient temperature and it is different from which is needed in winter, almost in 2 times. And if to take working equipment at night when night blinds  are closed and there is no sales, the requirement productivity of compressor to maximum for which he was selected is reduced in 4 times. Of course compressor can’t work normally without additional regulations on “Start/Stop” mode. But if to consider that main cooling users are multi-decks for beverages and they are turned off in winter, so it can be modes when power consumption is 10-20% from compressor potential. Regular compressor and even compressor with regulative heads that reduce productivity in 2 times can’t work safely in such conditions and manage this task.

Competition between small shops, tendency to decrease maintenance costs, enforce to find new and professional cooling solutions according to small stores specifics. There are few solutions. One of them is inverter compressor with cooling control from 0 to 115% power.

Technical solution was developed by company Aisberg in different modifications and allows placing compressor with automation system in closed soundproofed space of micro compressor unit completed with air conditioning and noise reduction.